Available in:

Bulk Bailing Bags

Ice Bags

Refuse Bin Bags


Can be manufactured to customer specifications



260mm x 50mm x 540mm x 50 microns

297mm x 720mm x 110 microns

310mm x 100mm x 920mm x 35 microns

750mm x 850mm x 50 microns

560mm x 950mm x 120 microns

525mm x 1000mm x 60 microns

600mm x 250mm x 1360mm x 40 microns

760mm x 320mm x 1630mm x 40 microns

900mm x 360mm x 1400mm x 40 microns

1220mm x 300mm x 1230mm x 100 microns

1250mm x 300mm x 1640mm x 100 microns